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Vibo Valentia Scilla Palmi San Giorgio Morgeto Paola Fiumefreddo Bruzio Diamante Praia a Mare Santa Mariadel Cedro Scalea Pentedattilo Roghudi Vecchio Gambaried’Aspromonte Taverna San Floro MonasteraceMarina Amantea Cetraro Crotone Le Castella Capo Colonna Mesoraca Cirò Cosenza Montalto Uffugo Bisignano Luzzi Campana Cariati Corigliano Calabro Rocca Imperiale Roseto Capo Spulico Sibari Curinga Cortale Lamezia Terme SoveriaMannelli Morano Calabro Laino Borgo San MarcoArgentano Sersale LagoAmpollino Lorica Camigliatello Silano Catanzaro Reggio Calabria Capo Spartivento Gerace Mammola Riace Tropea Soriano Calabro Papasidero Civita Cleto NoceraTerinese Tiriolo Conflenti Brancaleone Bova Motta San Giovanni Palizzi Marina Oriolo Lungro Altomonte Castrovillari RossanoCalabro LagoCecita Acri San Fili Rende Zungri Spilinga CapoVaticano Gioia Tauro Squillace Stalettì Soverato PizzoCalabro Serra SanBruno Taurianova Cittanova Seminara BagnaraCalabra Villa SanGiovanni Locri RoccellaIonica Santa Severina San Giovanniin Fiore Rogliano San DemetrioCorone LagoArvo Botricello Scolacium Badolato Stilo Bivongi Casignana

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Alto Tirreno Cosentino, Orsomarso mountains

In the place where Basilicata and Calabria stand side by side, between breathtaking beaches and cliffs, climbing among the wildest and most unexplored mountains in Europe.

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Catanzaro, gulf of Squillace and Soverato

In the homeland of the great Mattia Preti, a very inspired painter of Caravaggesque tendency, you will know productive wonders connected to the art and manufacturing of silk, and also archaeological excavations of Greek and Roman Calabria.

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Aspromonte and old Grecian area

The fiumare riverbeds have the charm of a delightful western movie, they cut through territories in which the communities keep alive the traditions that date back to the Byzantine Middle Ages, a glorious past. In the area of Bovesìa there is also a particular Greek language that is related to an archaic vocabulary.

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Pollino National Park, Esaro valley and arbëreshë area

The highest peaks among millennial special pines (type: loricato); the most charming villages of the hinterland; a fascinating journey to discover arbëreshë culture.

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Basso Tirreno Cosentino

The mystical places of Francesco di Paola, the most loved Calabrian saint, and the medieval villages from which you can admire crazy sunsets with the Aeolian Islands in the background.

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Cosenza and Crati valley

City of art, of commerce, of literary culture, the beautiful Cosenza is lapped by the longest river in Calabria and exhibits priceless treasures in the old town that was the capital of Brettii confederation .

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Ionian coast and Sibari

The elegance of noble palaces and castles; the fertile plain where the glorious Sybaris ruled; Codex Purpureus in Rossano Calabro, some Gospel's texts inside a manuscript illustrated by miniatures, rare byzantine art.

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Sila and Presila

A rewarding snowshoe hike, or the spring trek through the woods to breathe the purest air: the sensation to be observed by the very good wolves that take refuge in the thickest forest. Giant trees, fairytale landscapes and a mysterious stone... elephant!!

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Crotonese and Cirò

We are in the land of the wine lovers, the most appreciated wine by connoisseurs, here we cross the coast which was the splendor of Magna Graecia and today preserves fortified architectures characterized by great visual impact.

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Gulf of Sant'Eufemia (Lamezia Terme) and mount Reventino

Here is the main airport hub, the plain of Lamezia Terme is the crucial road junction today in Calabria, as indeed it was in every era. From Lamezia you can cross the central "narrow" part of Calabria, reaching the mountain of Tiriolo where you can see both the Ionian and the Tyrrhenian seas.

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Costa degli Dei and the chain of the Serre in Vibo Valentia area

Welcome to the turquoise waters and golden sands of the icon places of Calabria seaside. Spicy meat, sweet and crunchy onions, tuna, and an ice cream called Tartufo that has attracted tourists from all over the world.

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The amazing beauty of Calabria that looked to the East, pervaded by medieval Byzantine culture; and then the visions of art by Nik Spatari, the extraordinary mosaics of Casignana, the enchanted village of Gerace.

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Gioia Tauro, Costa Viola e Reggio Calabria

In Scilla the boats hunting for swordfish roam up and down the Strait of Messina, wary as if they were facing the mythological monsters of the Odyssey. In Reggio you find, as gods on Earth, the two most famous bronze warriors all over the planet.

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Savuto valley - Temesa

Popular traditions and ancient rites characterize a valley that has always been an important communication route, a vast area dotted with hectares of lush olive groves; since ancient times Savuto river has been a fundamental natural road connecting Tyrrhenian coast and the green immense Sila forest.

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