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Aspromonte national park and old Grecian area

Top things to do in Aspromonte national park and old Grecian area

Aspromonte is a wild and captivating territory. The dream of any nature lover.
The tourist always sees it as a mysterious place, capable of arousing strong emotions. Land for true explorers. The charm of wild nature blends harmoniously with man-made landscapes.
Popular traditions, the most genuine folklore, are just some of the attractions that guide the visitor to discover the deepest Calabria.

Bring a bathing suit with you. You need it because you will dive under wonderful waterfalls. Search for these places: cascate dell’Amendolea or Maesano, cascate Mundu e Galasìa…
Fun is not over. Don’t forget a comfortable and fresh linen dress for when they drag you to dance the tarantella at the village parties.

How exciting is walking on the final tip of the Italian Boot?

At these latitudes, where the Peninsula ends its beautiful articulation, time seems to have stopped many centuries ago. There are some timid and messy signs left by man.
The sunny ‘beds’ of the rivers (fiumare) that make their way through Aspromonte mountains evoke scenes from western movies. You meet a few “knights” along the way and many abandoned farmhouses.

The sacred place and the feast day of the Madonna di Polsi

Starting from the Locri area, on the Ionian Coast, you go inside the deep earth of the province of Reggio Calabria.
Here you can explore the mysterious and impervious Massif of Aspromonte, through places that are jealous custodians of an archaic and fascinating religiosity and folklore, such as the sanctuary of the Madonna di Polsi, destination every 02 September of thousands of people in pilgrimage.
There’s a big popular festival made merry by the sound of the accordion and similar instruments. Tourists enjoy the wild dance to the rhythm of a tambourine, food lovers appreciate the taste of goat meat.

That stone looking like an alien being

Very unusual, nearby, the vision of the monolith of Pietra Cappa. 830 meters high above sea level, it looks like a gray “head” that stands in the vegetation.

In Aspromonte among ruined old churches, ghost villages and views of fiumare

In Staiti you can visit the old charming ruins of the church of santa Maria di Tridetti.

Enjoy an adventure walk visiting the old village of Amendolea, it still preserves the remains of a small group of buildings at the top of a hill. Fascinating ruins of castle, churches, cisterns and houses stand out in the landscape dominated by Amendolea river (fiumara).

The old village of Roghudi amazes because it looks like a movie set without actors, a ghost town abandoned by its former inhabitants in the 1970s, after devastating floods and landslides.

Gallicianò and Bova

In this land local people spoke Greek. Still today there are dozens of people who use words belonging to an archaic idiom, a distant relative of the language spoken in Greece today.
We recommend a trip to Gallicianò, municipality of Condofuri, or to Bova, two of the last strongholds custodians of Calabrian Greek.


Finally, don’t miss the appointment with Pentedattilo, the most iconic rock in a natural setting, with the mysterious mount Calvario which seems to turn into a giant stone hand tickling the sky.

Skiing and enjoying the sea view!

In Gambarie d’Aspromonte, tourists have the opportunity, during winter abundant snowfalls, to go up to about 1400 meters, and to go down on skis facing the magical view of the Strait of Messina.
Unique show.