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Gulf of Lamezia Terme and mount Reventino

Visit Lamezia and Reventino mounts

The Gulf of Lamezia Terme area (note that Sant’Eufemia is a district of the city) and its hinterland, with the Reventino mountains, offer one of the most engaging tourist experiences in central Calabria.
Located halfway between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea, from Lamezia it is possible to go and visit the two Calabrian coasts.
You can also discover the regional capital Catanzaro, from which Lamezia is a few kilometers away.
A good option: the tourist can explore the mountain area of Reventino and its wonderful landscapes that can boast hectares of immaculate green.

Airport of Lamezia Terme: Calabria welcomes tourists from all over the world

Lamezia Terme was born from the merger among Sambiase, Nicastro and Sant’Eufemia.
Lamezia is one of the Calabrian cities with the liveliest economy since it is a strategic transport hub for all directions.
The Lamezia airport and the railway station are the most important points on the map for every tourist who wants to explore the region. You need to mark them.
In the spaces in front of the Airport of Lamezia hub there is a large designated area to rent a car (for anything else, call Core Calabro!).

The kite surf exciting experience in Gizzeria

Navigating the sea water blown by the wind is pure freedom. Ask the sportsmen who come to this little piece of the Gulf of Lamezia from every corner of the world.
Close to Sant’Eufemia di Lamezia, on the coast near Gizzeria, there is an intense channeling of wind.
Constant air flows that create for windsurfing and kitesurfing lovers the best condition to practice these sports.

Discovering nature and folk traditions around Lamezia

Tourists can take interesting routes to discover nature and history between Soveria Mannelli, Decollatura, Curinga, Serrastretta, Maida, Jacurso and Cortale. Especially during extraordinary popular festivals.
Near the hermitage of sant’Elia, in Curinga, a tremendous naturalistic attraction is the giant oriental plane tree, one of the oldest millenarians in Italy. Trunk almost completely hollow, 15 meters in circumference !!

Music, popular songs from Calabria, literature festival

The mission is to rediscover the beauty of traditions and popular music, especially when you want to recover and pass on the values of the ancient communities that lived here.
Therefore, exceptional workshops have been started, for example in the village of Conflenti, which comes alive every year with the festival of Felici & Conflenti.
In magic places like this one you will discover the authentic folklore and the genuine music played by tambourine and accordion leaders.
We also point out, in the panorama of cultural festivals that are organized in Lamezia Terme, the TRAME event – people and books against the mafia.
It is a festival for those who love books and for those who want to know the history of Southern Italy – the largest event of literature and civic commitment in Calabria.

From the snow to the sea, WOW

You should hiking around hills and mountains behind Lamezia plain.
A lot of breathtaking adventures for young and adults, especially when exploring the Mancuso-Reventino mountain range (1328 and 1417 meters high).
We can consider it as a western branch of the Sila Piccola. It is amazing to discover how, in these places, you really go from a snowy landscape to a marine one in less than an hour by car.
From the snow to the sea in three quarters of an hour, you can do it in Calabria!

In the middle of Calabria

Looking at the map, you will notice that we are in the “narrowest” part of Calabria, where there is the shortest distance between the Tyrrhenian and the Ionian Sea.
These places, in all historical ages, have been the center of goods exchange, contacts, trade relations.
The raw and worked silk was a prized export good until the end of the seventeenth century.
We give you an archaeological curiosity: in the locality of Caselle di Maida archaelogists found the most ancient evidence about the Calabrian Paleolithic, dating back about 500 thousand years ago.
These are the “choppers”, chipped stones used by hominids to cut, engrave or offend.