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Calabria Tourist Office

Core Calabro:
the beginning

Core Calabro’s professional adventure begins in 2015, after passing some exam sessions organized by Calabria Region to enable tour guides and tour leaders.

How we work and collaborate with T.O. and Hotels

An important part of our work consists in a dynamic relationship with travel organizers, therefore tour operators and travel agencies. We provide services for tourists visiting Calabria. We are specialists in guided tours.
There have been intense and fruitful collaborations especially with tour operators focused on cultural tourism and travel in the south of Italy.
But we have also a very close relationship with travel agencies and Calabrian hotels who wish to make their guests’ holiday unique, offering special excursions, beyond the classic itineraries.

Core Calabro has shown reliability in understanding all the particular needs of groups, solving complicated situations that could have caused trouble and inconvenience to travelers.

Even the simple choice of a parking lot, or an alternative route to take by bus, both decisions can be crucial for making tourists feel at ease.

Why Core Calabro

Choosing one guide from Core Calabro team means, first of all, choosing a specialist.
You choose someone very expert about specific places, about the topic, the goal of the trip. An expert on that subject you want to know more.
If you go to visit an archaeological museum, you will be joined by a guide who has certain skills for that particular museum.
If you explore a national park, you will be accompanied by a licensed guide with a particular vocation for the story of the flora and fauna of that natural context.

Tourist Service and Tour Guide in Calabria

The travel industry is constantly evolving. Today we have a tourist who moves independently, he is a smart consumer booking everything himself, without depending on travel organizers.
But he is always a tourist who needs advice, and social networks in this sense are an extraordinary expo, a fair where you can meet consultants who can give you the best suggestions.
Core Calabro is a dynamic team, we always supply a personalized assistance for each tourist need.

We supply advice and information, for free, through social media, emails and Whatsapp, about several subjects such as:

  • geography of the territory 🌍 ;
  • roads 🛣 🚧 ;
  • accessibility to tourist sites, monuments and museums 🏛 ;
  • transfers by bus, train, ship, plane schedules, car, boat and bike rental 🛥 🚲 ;
  • typical products, local food (how they are made and where they can be tasted) 🍝 ;
  • habits of the places, religious and traditional festivals, folklore, social events, entertainment shows 💃🏼 .

We can suggest tailor-made tours, planned according to your interests and to the trip you are going to take.
Vacation is a serious matter. We take care of travelers.

After booking online or by telephone and having accepted our quotation, we will send you a brilliant tourist guide – member of our team – to illustrate monuments, churches, buildings, tremendous pathways, landscapes and popular traditions.

We accompany groups, couples and single travellers.