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Calabria Travel Guide

Calabria is in our mind, since young.

It’s at the centre of our way of thinking.
We know it all, in its most original forms.
It is at the centre of our work, the core business of our Tourist Guide job, which we carry out professionally since 2015, with certification issued by the Region authority.

Being a qualified guide, without falling into the trap of approximation, is a moral obligation for us towards the traveler.

Private tour, things to do in Calabria

Someone who guides you, visiting Calabria, is something essential. People who explore the Calabrian territory, for the first time, sure they need a guide.
Roads can be deceiving and the transport system does not guarantee access to the tourist places the farthest from the highways. So, call a guide.
Core Calabro will be able to give you all the travel options to reach the destination you desire.

Calabria is a small peninsula attached to the larger Italian peninsula.
The northern part of Calabria is fascinating and impervious. The sublime mountains of the Pollino Massif are a Must See destination. It’s the group of peaks, ridges and steep slopes that Calabrian people share with the Lucanians. The amazing lands around the Pollino, both in Calabria and Basilicata, have many similarities in uses, customs, popular traditions.
The Ionian and Tyrrhenian coasts seem to be two distant worlds, since they belong to very different geographical contexts.
One looks east, towards the gulf of Taranto, Puglia, Greece.
The other is in direct communication with Cilento, Campania, Salerno, Naples.
Then there is the splendid neighbour, Sicily, that we observe as lovers both from some “balconies” on the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Sea.

Just think about the difference in views and moods.
A person who lives on the Ionian Sea, he looks at the sunrise that begins from the sea, as God’s grace 🌅 .
The Tyrrhenians, on the other hand, invent new feelings by contemplating the sun “diving” into the sea. Each sunset is a new emotion to be lived poetically.

Visita guidata a Fiumefreddo

Mountain and sea fabulous connection

Calabria is one of those exclusive regions where tourists can try that priceless experience of feeling the taste of the sea, the saltiness on the face and… after one hour of travel – starting from the Tyrrhenian or the Ionian – you feel the joy of being in the middle of the region in a wood of pines, firs, beeches, chestnuts!!
Simply awesome. Just like when you reach the enchanting landscape of the Sila, a plateau that is an all seasons tourist destination.
Fairytale places. They are certainly appreciated during the heavy snowfalls.
Cross-country skiers and hikers are always very happy for the exciting routes they can try, but mountain lovers can also do short descents on skis and snowboard stunts.
Sila and the other national parks are natural paradises that in spring, summer and autumn become the perfect location to experience the Nature by mountain bike.
If you don’t like biking, try rewarding walks along the national park trails.
In Calabria you can immerse yourself in crazy coastal landscapes (such as the Costa Viola), and in the same morning going through the Aspromonte rivers, exploring canyons, stone monuments and waterfalls that leave you speechless.
Even skiing with a sea view! In Gambarie there is a ski lift (almost 1400 meters high), you enjoy the downhill skiing and the background view of the blue Strait of Messina.

The sensational proximity between sea and mountains is one of the distinctive features of Calabria 🏖 ⛰ .
780 km of coastline, but more than 90% of the regional territory is made up of hills and mountains, and 3 large national parks.

Calabria is the centre of Mediterranean culture

Let’s talk about a thirty years happy tourist “misunderstanding”: someone has spread the idea of a Calabria with a totally seaside vocation. That’s not the whole truth.
The tourist postcards of the 1900s, the cover photos of places like Tropea, Capo Vaticano and the little gulfs of Ricadi – along the Costa degli Dei – or those corners of marine paradise on the Catanzaro coast near Soverato… all these pictures have assigned Calabria a leadership role in the panorama of the top maritime destinations in the Mediterranean Sea.
However, this so good reputation obscured the immense mountain and hilly natural heritage.
The protagonists of cultural tourism have had little media attention. They deserve more.
Think about the precious and countless archaeological finds kept in the various museums, like the two Riace Bronzes, in Reggio Calabria. Two statues representing the hugest archaeological treasure a region could wish for.

Visita Guidata al Museo di Reggio Calabria

Core Calabro will take you to discover a Calabria that is at the centre of the tourist flows in the Mediterranean area.
There are magnificent beaches, turquoise waters and breathtaking cliffs.
Here you will find the peaks and the last “branches” of the pristine and wild Southern Apennines.
The archaeological parks safeguard the greatness of Magna Graecia, they show how the Greek civilization entered Italy and then changed our historical destiny.
You can admire medieval villages born after the infamous year 1000 A. D.
Villages where you eat like a god and drink a wine that perhaps inherited tenacity and patience from the Greeks.
In Calabria you will be able to appreciate the most surprising variants of the healthy Mediterranean Diet, which is enhanced by excellent organic crops.
Calabrian food 🌶 is often described combined with the indispensable chilli pepper, but spicy is not the rule. There is much more and you just have to come and taste it.