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Costa Viola, Gioia Tauro and Reggio Calabria

Costa Viola is magic
Sicily coast seen from Calabria

The enchanting images of the gulf of Gioia Tauro – from Capo Vaticano to the entrance to the Strait of Messina – capture the senses of those people crossing the Costa Viola.

To find out which are the most interesting places to see in the province of Reggio Calabria, in the tip of the Italian Boot, along the coast touched by the Tyrrhenian and Ionian seas, a single holiday is not enough.

Nature, villages, archaeological treasures (think about the Riace Bronzes), the sea crystal clear water, the refined foods, are priceless attractions that delight every kind of tourist.

Nature trips in the province of Reggio Calabria

The Tracciolino path, on foot, is an unmissable trekking experience, pure fun for lovers of nature excursions. Must Do It.
The Tracciolino starts from monte sant’Elia, in Palmi, and from there you continue towards Bagnara Calabra for a loop that takes you back to the base.
Sublime scenery. A breathless experience, this landscape.
At the end of the trip, if you like, you can regain some calories by munching on nougat, here an artisan delicacy (in Bagnara and in Taurianova).

Visit Scilla and the lovely Chianalea

The queen of the fishing villages is Scilla. Its beautiful neighbourhood, close to the sea, is called Chianalea.
Here, the picturesque houses of Chianalea are in direct contact with the sea water, in some places it seems to wander among the canals of the noble Venice.

In Chianalea the scent of the sea is enchanting, it lights the fuse of dreams and passions, you feel a desire of freedom and you want to say goodbye to every disheartening city noise.

Swordfish hunting

Then look at the spadare, boats used to hunt swordfish, that’s a local fish star. The long, horizontal, metallic walkways need the presence of skilled harpooners ready to launch the final action, piercing the swordfish with precision.

Reggio Calabria

Reggio Calabria is a city with a tremendous history, made of incomparable beauty and immeasurable pains.
Feelings of emptiness arose when the 1908 earthquake shook Southern Calabria – together with Messina and many other towns.

Today all that fear seems to have vanished due to the urban dynamism that made Reggio the main Calabrian city, if you consider the number of residents (about 180.000).
Reggio Calabria is proud of MArRC – the archaeological museum of international level that holds, among the various treasures, the most precious finds of Magna Graecia.

When you say Reggio Calabria, your mind immediately goes to the Riace Bronzes, but a true history lover will appreciate all the exhibits that you can visit going from the 2nd floor downwards.
The thematic itinerary covering the entire archaeological history of Calabria includes – in the final part – the section dedicated to the archaeology of Reggio, what several archaeologists have found inside the city.

The Riace Bronzes
two celebrities

The greatest emotion is when you go into the room with the two most famous bronze statues in the world, the Bronzes found in the sea in front of Riace.
They are the dream of every archaeologist, the obsession of every art historian and the professional satisfaction of every tourist guide.