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Calabria, your seaside holiday in Southern Italy

More than 700 kms of coast, beaches envied by continental Europe and Americans, stretches of crystal clear sea photographed and diffused in the brochures by every travel agency. Calabria has always been associated with the sea, the seaside holiday. Tropea, called the “Bride of the Sea” by Francesco Sergio, and awarded with the gold medal by German tourists, is its emblem.

But we are here to prove you can enjoy another Calabria, besides the sea.

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Choose the guided tours in Calabria with the local guide of Core Calabro.
Discover a wild Calabria, come with us to explore mountains and national parks. Visit Calabrian medieval villages. There exists a Calabria custodian of the most precious treasures of archaeology, a Calabria of unique sculptures and paintings.

What is Calabria?

Calabria is the splendid last part of the Italian peninsula, the beautiful conclusion of the elegant Italian Boot. That extreme South where you eat divinely. Food vocation probably deriving from the cultural heritage that comes from far away, perhaps from Magna Graecia. The famous Greek colonization of the Calabrian coasts occurred from the VIII century B.C. by migrants crossing the Ionian Sea.

Core Calabro’s way of guiding

Our walking guided tours in Calabria are not just a visit to a tourist site. Our tours are a continuous discovery, a guarantee of wonder and cultural enrichment. Let’s go back to the roots, to the core, to the essence of historical phenomena. Authentic cultural tourism is achieved when we understand – through material or immaterial proofs – how the ancients loved to live, build, move, cook, pray and paint. We will tell you not only about the history of the South but also short and odd local stories. Folklore, or popular knowledge, is a constant research for us.

When in 2019 MATERA city began the year as European Capital of Culture, we felt that great recognition as ours, a little bit, as proud natives of Southern Italy. In the various excursions on catalogue we have also included a “digression” in the Lucanian territory – Matera and its province – as a tribute to this epochal event.

The page is constantly updated. We like to invent, select and mix, from season to season, the most original and attractive destinations on Calabrian soil.

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