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The province of Catanzaro

Tourist itineraries in the province of Catanzaro

Catanzaro is the capital city of Calabria.
Catanzaro area and the top destinations in the province offer visitors many tourist activities and cultural opportunities.
Tourist can do exciting trekking and funny sport and games inside the adventure parks of Sila Piccola.
You can visit incredible monuments, such as the millenary plane tree of Curinga.
You can admire some masterpieces of the great seventeenth-century painter Mattia Preti.
Walking in the beautiful archaeological park of Scolacium, you really understand the greatness of the Roman Empire.

The list of tourist itineraries and places to see in the province of Catanzaro is very long. Do you prefer to take a dip in crystal clear waters? The “caribbean” beaches near Soverato, in the Gulf of Squillace, are a true paradise.
In the province of Catanzaro every traveler will find what he desires.

In the middle of Calabria region
between the sea and the Sila mountains

In the province of Catanzaro there is the great possibility of moving – in a few kilometers – from the west to the east coast, from the Tyrrhenian Sea to the Ionian Sea.
In a short time then you can go up to hills and mountains, you can enjoy fantastic views. From Mount Tiriolo you can see, from a single perspective, the two seas that surround Calabria.

We point out the beauty and mystery of the paths that lead to Mount Reventino.
We recommend exploring the extraordinary woods of the Sila Piccola, such as the one around Mount Gariglione, which was an inaccessible refuge for nineteenth-century brigands.
Then there is the Tacina valley, the Passante lake, the gorges and waterfalls of Crocchio, the canyons of the Valli Cupe in Sersale.
In the province of Catanzaro you enjoy the best of naturalistic tourism in Calabria.

Soverato coastline
Everyone to the sea in the sunny bays of Copanello, Caminìa, Pietragrande

In the Soverato area you can admire the most beautiful beaches of Calabria, on the Ionian Sea… grains of fine sand and water that make you dream.
Bays, gulfs, cliffs, a remarkable panorama, a top destination for those who choose a beach holiday.

When Catanzaro was the top of the silk industry

In Catanzaro, between the end of the Middle Ages and the beginning of the Modern Age, there was one of the most renowned silk productions in all of Southern Italy. Silk was exported to the Kingdom of Naples and to many European countries.
The spinning mills in the villages of Cortale, San Floro and Borgia formed a sort of “industrial triangle of silk”. The art of creating drape, damask and brocade generated wealth and an important international textile export.

The great economic success of the 1600s and 1700s is now experiencing a happy phase of rediscovery. Brilliant young people, willing, have resumed the cultivation of mulberries, whose leaves nourish the worms from which the raw material comes. So they produce the precious raw silk from which wonderful things are obtained.

Guided tours and holidays in the province of Catanzaro

Core Calabro, licensed tourist guide for Calabria, aims to guide tourists to discover the most fascinating destinations in the province of Catanzaro.
By car, by bus, by bike, there are so many tours to do in the area around Catanzaro and Lamezia Terme, that perhaps a whole week is not enough to get to know all the beauties of the landscape and art.

The province of Catanzaro in Calabria is at the center of the regional territory, that’s an advantage. It gives the possibility to move more easily towards the other beautiful Calabrian provinces. Equidistance to other tourist destinations, such as Stilo, Reggio, Tropea, Cosenza, Le Castella, is certainly an added value.
Come and stay between Lamezia and Catanzaro for the duration of your holiday, so you can visit all of Calabria!

Tourist itineraries in the Province of Catanzaro

Golfo di santa Eufemia

Gulf of Lamezia & Mount Reventino

Catanzaro ponte Bisantis

Catanzaro, Golfo di Squillace & Soverato