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The province of Vibo Valentia

The best tourist itineraries in the province of Vibo Valentia

How do you imagine your Calabrian holiday?

We give you a suggestion. Food, sea and beautiful excursions for nature lovers. You should start your tour in Calabria from the province of Vibo Valentia and Costa degli Dei, so you immediately discover the best of natural landscapes such as the beaches of Tropea and Capo Vaticano !!

Culture, food, sea, choose the best things to do in Calabria

You can plan surprising tours to discover other places plenty of cultural monuments, such as the national archaeological museum of Vibo Valentia. And then, yes, it’s true, the province of Vibo is the right place to start tasting the typical dishes of Calabria. A territory where the healthy Mediterranean Diet is combined with the most genuine Calabrian traditions.

Vibo is in the geographical center of Calabria and can be the center of your holidays.

From the tourist port of Vibo Valentia marina, or from that of Tropea, you can leave by boat for a fantastic ride along the Costa degli Dei, fabulous sea. You can also reach the wonderful Aeolian Islands, about thirty miles away.

From the heights of Mount Poro you can admire unique landscapes.
The maritime sunsets with the Aeolian Islands background are one of the most spectacular views in the world.

In the province of Vibo Valentia to taste tuna, onions, a delicious pecorino and the culture of spicy

In the area of the Poro hills there are cheese “artisans” who produce one of the tastiest pecorino in Calabria.

Continuing towards the hinterland of the Vibo province, towards Spilinga, we go to the homeland of the Spicy.
Here the industrious producers of ‘nduja show off all their creativity and entertain the palate of gourmets.

When you return to the Costa degli Dei, you can taste the best Vibonese cuisine, simple and refined, which is linked to the solid tradition of the tuna traps that were once present throughout the coast.
The undisputed protagonist in the kitchen is the Tropea Red Onion, an IGP brand that has conquered even the great chefs.

The Costa degli Dei, a paradise for boat lovers

Many of the tourist itineraries in the province of Vibo Valentia lead to the Costa degli Dei, where Tropea is one of the most beautiful villages in Calabria.
The beaches of Capo Vaticano look like the Caribbean. They are a destination for great international tourism.
The tourist port of Tropea is another important mooring place for yachts and sailing ships, small and large boats. Both from Vibo marina and from Tropea it is possible to take daily hydrofoil tours to discover the Aeolian Islands.

Cultural itineraries in the province of Vibo

Among the most interesting stops, in the series of tourist itineraries and things to see in the province of Vibo Valentia, we point out the villages of Soriano Calabro and Serra San Bruno.
In the nice village of Soriano Calabro there is a museum complex housed in the halls of the imposing old Dominican convent.
San Bruno of Cologne is the great spiritual protagonist of the Serre woods.
In 1091 he was the founder of the Certosa, a magnificent monastery located in Southern Calabria, in the wood of the present territory of Serra San Bruno. This town is famous for the family industries of the last charcoal burners of Calabria.
The life of the monks in the Certosa di Serra San Bruno, made up of silence, meditation, prayer, has attracted the attention of scholars and documentary makers.

To make your cultural tour even richer, take note also of a very interesting rock site, the Zungri Caves.

In the archaeological museum of Vibo Valentia a small gold leaf is kept (it is a very rare piece), an element of the grave goods of a female burial (perhaps 5th century BC). On it, instructions are given to the deceased woman on how to behave once she reaches the afterlife.

The ice cream called Tartufo and the Piedigrotta church in Pizzo Calabro

A tourist cannot leave the province of Vibo Valentia without having tried the pastry specialty of Pizzo Calabro: the Tartufo!!
Tartufo di Pizzo is in the hall of fame of the ice cream parlor. It has shapes and colors reminiscent of the very successful chocolate born in Piemonte, but this super delicacy is instead 100% Calabrian and was born by chance in the 1950s.

The small church of Piedigrotta, built by digging in a rocky block near the beach of Pizzo, is something unique.
Piedigrotta is a triumph of folk art and devotion, it is among the most popular tourist attractions in Calabria.

Tourist itineraries in the Province of Vibo Valentia


Costa degli Dei & the mountain chain of the Serre