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Our Job

Core Calabro is a trademark, certificate of registration is at Ufficio Italiano Brevetti e Marchi – Ministero dello Sviluppo Economico in Italy.
Core Calabro team works as freelance professionals group; it is a freelance work of tour guides and tour leaders.
VAT registration number 03597300783.
Legal head office is in via Roberto Mirabelli 113 – 87032 Amantea (CS), Italy.

On www.corecalabro.com and www.corecalabro.it – and closely related social network media – you can book tour guide and tour leader services only.
Professional guides, certified to lead groups or individuals by Regione Calabria, will be charged to manage the tour you choose. The tourist guide who coordinates the website and the guided tour service is Francesco Antonio Zaccaria, you find professional license in the lists approved on 02/17/2015, identification card no. 1 – CS renewed on 11-14-2023. Mr. Zaccaria has the exclusive task of indicating to the tourist client the data concerning the guide.
Core Calabro team works following European, Italian and Calabrian acts and rules, insured and protected by laws about tourism professionals – laws that are a legal guarantee to safeguard travelers’ rights.

The law about tourism sector in Calabria is No. 08 approved 05/04/2008 – and further adjustments.


You can ask for an official quote and you will apply for tour booking if you complete Core Calabro form, a very user-friendly application on www.corecalabro.com and www.corecalabro.it.
You can also send an e-mail to info@corecalabro.com or corecalabro@gmail.com. Otherwise, you just call (+39) 3397321836, or send a Whatsapp message if you want.

All reservations will be processed by mail info@corecalabro.com – our employee deals with customer care.
To change or to cancel booking: send mail. Problems will be early solved.

We do customized quotes, considering group/couple/individual intentions; we can decide different pricing comparing one or more destinations.
There are top places and some lower appeal locations, so the price is different.
Each tour quote is influenced by: a) number of participants; b) age; c) itinerary length and duration; d) day of the year when it is scheduled; e) singularity of the proposal.
Tour guide is free for disables – whatever serious disability – and for helper.

Once you select on www.corecalabro.com or www.corecalabro.it tours and experience you want to try, an official quote will be sent to your mailbox within 12 hours of receipt of a request.

If you like it, you accept and book:

  • 1) first, providing a 50% down payment (50% of the total amount including VAT) using PayPal (you’ll find instructions in the mail); then, you have to send payment receipt to info@corecalabro.com;
  • 2) alternatively, you provide a 50% down payment (50% of the total amount including VAT) using bank transfer; International Bank Account Number, payee and reason of the payment will be communicated by mail; then, you have to send payment receipt to info@corecalabro.com;
  • 3) operations above – 1 and 2 – must be done within 24 hours of receipt of the quote;
  • 4) down payment is an amount due for bookings before 72 hours preceding the beginning of the tour guide; for last minute request you must deposit (PayPal or bank transfer) the total amount, including VAT, before the beginning of the tour guide.

Down payment done and receipt sent: so the booking is confirmed and you may change it or cancel just following instructions in the next paragraph.
The down payment invoice will be sent to your e-mail, including a voucher that is a guarantee document illustrating details and summary of the tour guide and, in addition, a rulebook of recommendations.


A professional tour guide will be your leader for visiting places and monuments you chose.
He will describe all things included in a travel program as agreed with the group.
He is the responsible tour manager so he could decide to cancel or modify the itinerary due to circumstances beyond our control:
A) general protest, that causes the closing of museums, parks or main roads;
B) tragic happenings, a grief that causes the closing of sites, locations to visit, or involving town community where we have to go;
C) disastrous flood, landslides, impressive downpour, when a safe walking is not guaranteed;
D) car accidents causing long traffic jams.

First, the professional tour guide will offer you an equal replacement, but he needs the approval of the participants.
You can reject it. IN ANY CASE – COMPARABLE TO LETTERS A, B, C, D ABOVE – concerning cancellation of the event/tour guide and consequently the rejecting of the replacement, PARTICIPANTS WILL HAVE A TOTAL REFUND.


In case of a new set of timetable and tour plan – if the itinerary is partially modified, due to circumstances beyond our control – we guarantee a refund at least of 10% of the total amount paid, anyway. Tour organizer or group coordinator will be informed. They will choose: a) to accept a re-scheduled tour, price marked-down at least about 10%; b) to give up and to get a total refund.


For a full refund (the total amount of the down payment), cancellation must be requested 14 days before the beginning of the tour guide.

If you cancel from 14 days to 72 hours before the first guide starting (start is scheduled in tour timetable), you can get a refund, exactly 50% of the down payment.

No refund if you send an e-mail in the 72 hours before the guide.

No refund if the tour is canceled due to client delay. Of course, we wait for you at least 2 hours, then we are forced to cancel.


For early booking clients: you will receive the balance invoice at the end of the first guide, so you have to pay balance doing the same operations used for down payment. You have to show the Paypal or banking online receipt – alternatively you can also pay cash. If you don’t, we cancel scheduled touristic guide services, next days. We reserve the right to take legal steps if the agreement or contract is not fulfilled.


Once you read tour offers on www.corecalabro.com or www.corecalabro.it , you may ask for a quote.
You will receive mail recap including details about itinerary, price, outfit requirement and behavior recommendations.

You must care about:

  • length of the itinerary, stairs, difficult rises/rough routes, shoes and clothes to wear;
  • ticket to pay for entrance, to go in museums, parks, palaces, exhibitions, churches and any touristic place; ticket for parking;
  • signage ‘no entry’ in some old towns for car, bus, motorcycle, bike; anyway, Core Calabro tour guide will suggest you the best roads and streets, and public vehicles options – how they work and how much they cost;
  • very breakable monuments: be careful when you move, when you are close to ancient frescoes or paintings for example – pay attention to the signage ‘don’t touch it’;
  • the indications that the tourist guide gives vocally to walk safely in busy and crowded places, in order to avoid accidents with motor vehicles or getting lost in a city.

Tour organizer or participants must declare immediately if there is somebody with a very important illness (also a temporary disease), all people with diseases that may cause problems – heart, allergy… – even the fear of animals, to pass through a bridge, to go into a cave…

It’s recommended to decide together toilet break or the time to go shopping.

You must respect silence and habits of the sacred places. You should talk politely, never shout; be careful to put the garbage in appropriate box.