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The province of Crotone

The best tours in the province of Crotone

Are you looking for tourist itineraries in the province of Crotone?
Follow our travel suggestions, here you will find the tour proposals made by Core Calabro. Itineraries, travel tips, monuments, museums, amazing experiences tourists can do in the city of Crotone and its province.

The fortress of Le Castella and the famous figure of the corsair Uluç Alì

Where could you start a small tour in the province of Crotone?
Well, start your Calabrian journey by admiring the most fascinating maritime scenery.
Take a trip to Le Castella (municipality of Isola Capo Rizzuto) to enjoy the beautiful beaches and visit the Aragonese fortress.
The fortification retains all the charm of an ancient world, made up of battles on the seashore, starring brave knights and pirates ready to plunder.

Giovan Dionigi Galeni, better known as the pirate Uluç Alì (Occhialì, Uccialì…) was born exactly in Le Castella in the 1500s.
Captured very young by an Algerian corsair, he later became one of the most fearsome corsairs in the Mediterranean, he also was a protagonist in the defeats of the Ottoman fleet (battle of Lepanto, 1571).

A journey to the origins of Magna Graecia, a visit to the Capo Colonna archaeological park

Among the best tours in the province of Crotone, there is certainly a guided visit to Capo Colonna, an archaeological area located on the easternmost promontory of the Calabrian coast.
Here, at Capo Colonna, there was once the temple of Hera Lacinia, one of the most popular sanctuaries in Magna Graecia. Among the magnificent surviving ruins there is a Doric column, today the only column of Magna Graecia still standing.

A tour to discover Crotone and its rich hinterland

To increase your knowledge of Magna Graecia, you should take a tour of the archaeological museum in Crotone.
Among the finds that come from the sanctuary of the goddess Hera Lacinia, in Crotone you can admire the precious golden diadem, one of the most important pieces of the collection.

Going up the Neto river towards SILA, through the state road 107, suddenly Santa Severina “appears” there if you turn your head to the left.
The village is perched on a hill and captures the attention of tourists.
In Santa Severina you can visit one of the best preserved castles in Calabria, dating back to the Middle Ages.

Traveling by car, or by motorbike, the beautiful hills that come before the Sila mountains, we recommend making a stop in Verzino to see a splendid example of rock caves.
The whole area that goes from Pallagorio to Cerenzia, from Caccuri to Petilia Policastro, is actually an extremely rich area of caves still to be explored and advertised.

Calabrian food and wine: the success of Cirò wine, Melissa wine and Crotonese Pecorino cheese

The province of Crotone is a land inhabited by expert winemakers. They are bright, far-sighted people. Winemakers with lively intelligence, who created the Cirò brand at the end of the 60s of the last century, establishing rules for producing it.
Cirò is a wine known all over the world.
The Doc Melissa certification was also born from these clayey lands, which contains less percentage of Gaglioppo grapes, combined with a maximum of 25% of Greco black grapes (for red wine).

The success of the DOP pecorino cheese is equally sensational. Sweet taste, a typical product that is the synthesis of a centuries-old tradition that belonged to the land of the Crotone Marquisate.
For long centuries, in fact, the province of Crotone (countryside) was the favorite place for the transhumance of flocks.
The shepherds moved from the SILA prairies to the Crotone hills, to come back to the mountains in the summer. A very hard life, rewarded by the production of this pecorino cheese with a formidable taste.
Today, they produced about 600 tons of Pecorino Crotonese DOP per year.

Choose your best tasting tours in the province of Crotone

Come with us to the most famous wineries, discover the most enterprising winemakers.
Core Calabro, licensed tourist guide for Calabria, offers tourists the opportunity to make an authentic experience tourism.
The tour guide – like a real cultural mediator – puts the tourist in contact with local food producers.
We go to places where the producer seeks excellence, we visit companies that love the territory and boldly enhance it.

The province of Crotone is the right place to start your food and wine tour!

Tourist itineraries in the Province of Crotone