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Things to do in Belmonte

A beautiful hill on a beautiful sea:
visit the village of Belmonte Calabro

The name suggests something attractive (Bello + Monte, a nice mountain).
Belmonte Calabro is one of the most fascinating villages on the entire Calabrian Tyrrhenian coast.
If you look at the town from an aerial view, you can see the bizarre shape of the town, which looks like a ship’s bow stretching towards the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Some scholars likewise compare it to the back of a donkey. The figure of the “ciuccio” (the tame and tough donkey) – on whose back the goods were moved a few decades ago –  is a local popular memory.

Enjoy mountain bike, exciting ride from mountain to sea

It is appreciable that those ancient streets, drawn by donkeys, nowadays have been cleaned up and adjusted by a group of boys – the founders of Calabria Bike Resort – which support mountain bike amateurs and professionals in adrenalinic descents.
You run and enjoy the mountain from the 1541 meters of Monte Cocuzzo to the beach (3 hours of guaranteed fun).

The origin of Belmonte Calabro

Belmonte Calabro was probably born in a military context.
In the Middle Ages there were more villages on the hills near Belmonte (S. Barbara, S. Bonaventura …), and already sufficient fortifications had been erected in order to monitor the dangers coming from the sea.
Then, at the time of the war between the Swabians and the Angevins for the control of Southern Italy, the Angevin king considered it appropriate to found a castle (part of the masonry is next to the building where today is the municipal library). It was necessary to monitor nearby Amantea, that supported Corradino (Swabian successor).
Marshal Drogone of Beaumont, around 1270, was the executor of the order and probably the town name derives from his name.

Belmonte Calabro and the tremendous story of Galeazzo di Tarsia

Belmonte had several feudal lords.
The most famous was undoubtedly Galeazzo di Tarsia, who lived in the 16th century.
Sure, he was a perfect character for a movie. Bad and violent in relations with his vassals (who denounced him to the king, he was imprisoned). He disregarded any danger. He was bold and adventurer.
He distinguished himself surprisingly in the writing of poetic rhymes that historians approach to the style of Petrarca.
Core Calabro’s tour is in the narrow streets where Galeazzo roamed five hundred years ago.

A special tomato for tasty salad:
il Pomodoro di Belmonte Calabro

Among the excellent agricultural products we have the very special Pomodoro di Belmonte, protagonist of memorable salads. Don’t miss it.

Love for figs

Additionally, we suggest to know the processing of figs, the precious heritage of grandparents and great-grandparents, that prompted some laborious men to beautiful and very sweet entrepreneurial stories.

The story of Michele Bianchi

From the main road (ss 18), looking at the hill, the first thing that catches the eye (a white column 35 meters high) is the funeral monument to Michele Bianchi. Quadrumviro of the fascist march on Rome, he was Minister of Public Works in the early years of the dictatorial regime.

The magic vision of Isca, marine area diving paradise

Looking towards the sea, instead, you can see the two rocks of Isca, protected in the past by the WWF.
It is an amazing marine area with a flora that divers and scientists consider a stunning treasure to be protected.

A “diffuse hotel” project

In Belmonte a ‘diffuse hotel’ project has successfully started. A few b&b are also awesome.
The foresight of some private individuals has been great and you can see the enhancement of more apartments for tourists in the historic center.